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“Love is a wind-up clock. When it’s shiny and new, it tells the exact time. But as time passes and you forget to wind it up, the clock breaks and stops. That man began to wind the clock, so that it would run a long time without stopping.”

I really wonder where he is…



It’s a suprise!

I hope it’ll be a surprise I enjoy, then, Que Geum.

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It was hard for you? Should I be comforting you? Should I say sorry? The rumors that grew more each day, the lies, the looks that turned me into trash—that’s poison. I ate poison every day. I was dead then. That girl isn’t here anymore. She’s dead. She’s gone.
Was I not enough for you? It was always just the two of us, but I was good with just you. More than ten friends, or a hundred, you were enough for me.
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Love him
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